Boot Camp Testimonials

The following are written testimonials from recent Boot Camp participants:

Hi Tammy,

I am amazed and grateful for what you’ve helped me accomplish. I decided to try bootcamp out after a few months of half-hearted attempts at a gym, where I felt lost and confused. Had anyone told me I’d be running a mile before the end of the month I would have laughed. In three weeks I managed to run a mile without stopping or slowing down to walk half of it! More than anything I want to thank you for the confidence I’ve gained in myself. A year ago I weighed 300 pounds, after bariatric surgery I lost over 100 pounds but never thought I’d be physically fit. After being part of bootcamp and with your motivation, knowledge and energy I feel capable of almost anything!

Thank you!!
Deb Vazquez

PS: seriously thank you! I may not be the most outwardly enthusiastic person, but I do get an immense sense of joy and satisfaction after every bootcamp session.

Hey Tammy!

Just wanted to give you an update on my weight loss and progress since you were an integral part of my journey!  I’ve now lost 90 pounds and moving toward 100!!!  Crazy right?



I can not possibly explain how much I enjoyed the bootcamp. At first I was intimidated by my fitness level (or lack thereof) and the early morning workouts. However, after only a few workouts I felt more energized and on finally on the right track to get in shape!!! There is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment by completing such an incredible workout by 6:30. I was home in the shower by 6:50! Tammy is a great movitator who sincerely looks out for all fitnesss levels within the group. She and the group at bootcamp make you proud to be up and moving in the morning and taking control of your fitness. I will be back to take off my baby weight!!! I know where I will get the best results.

Thank you!!

Hi Tammy,

I wanted to tell you how MUCH I am enjoying the boot camp. This is my first experience in attending a boot camp and after completing 4 weeks, I can see and feel results!! I see and feel a great difference in my strength, endurance and motivation! What is the coolest is that everyday is different – we do combinations of so many different exercises for an overall workout each day! You keep us on our toes, help us build confidence, support us and teach us to appreciate our bodies and take care of our health!! I’m psyched to go to boot camp every day and am psyched, pumped and fired-up after!! Thank you for making this such a great experience!


Hi Tammy,

I felt compelled to write to you to let you know how appreciative I am of having had the experience of your boot camp over the past two months. I can’t believe what I dramatic change I have seen not only in my physical capabilities, but the increase in self confidence I have experienced as well the increase in awareness of all my aspects of my life. I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to improve my health through learning how to maintain healthy exercise and nutritional habits as well as evaluate my life goals and truly realize that I can make healthy decisions and learn to live for today and not always work myself into a tizzy over what I am aiming for five years from now. Each day to me has truly become an adventure, and even though, as you know, my crazy schedule can sometimes make it difficult for me to get out of bed, the second I run that first lap at boot camp I am energized and excited for the day ahead! Thank you so much Tammy! You truly are an inspiration to me!!!

*Smiles and Hugs*



“Before I started Boot Camp I rated myself as a 3, on a scale of 1 to 10 in the fitness level. After completing my first month, I now feel like an 8-1/2 level”.

“I am proud to say that I’ve lost 10 huge ugly, gross, disgusting pounds of human body fat and replaced it with 3 pounds of beautiful, firm, hard pounds of muscle. And most of all, I beat my run time, from my first week of 13 minutes,47 seconds to 11 minutes, 40 seconds on my last day of Boot Camp”.


Thank you Adventure Boot Camp for Women and Thank YOU Tammy for bringing me back to life.

Roberta Lucero
Phoenix, Arizona



Adventure Boot Camp is definitely an “Adventure” although, probably more for Tammy than I just because she never knew what she’d get when I arrived each day!

I’m not a morning person (at all!) so, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to actually accomplish what I’d started. Tammy is such a fabulous motivator and the scenery is so beautiful that even I did it!

I signed up for the Express Camp and was amazed at the results in just 2 weeks! But, not just the weight I lost or the inches I lost but at how good it feels to be doing something that is REALLY GOOD for you makes a difference in your attitude in general.

Tammy, you are a saint!..not only for doing this for women in Phoenix but for putting up with me in the mornings (that’s a job that even scares my boyfriend)! Thanks from the bottom (and it’s a smaller bottom than it used to be, thanks to you) of my heart for all you do! Keep up the good work!

Joyce (the AM Grump), age 38


“5:30 AM! Are you crazy?”, I exclaimed upon hearing the time that my first Boot Camp was to take place. This is also the same response that I get from all of my friends and clients when I explain my daily morning adventure to them.

To be honest, that early morning alarm is a sound that hurts both mentally and physically. But within a few minutes, anticipation of the challenges ahead sets in! What a rewarding experience each camp has been for me! I finally have found a work-out regimen that I love.

The work-outs are great, the comradery between all of the women involved is not only encouraging but cherished, and most of all, Tammy is an Angel! She helps my figure transform from “fluffy” to “tight”! Thank you Tammy!!

You are the Best Tammy!!!!
Erin Szokol



Dear Tammy,

I just graduated from my fourth Boot camp and wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my progress. At my first Boot camp, I would wake up nervous and scared, wondering whether I would be able to finish that day’s camp. You encouraged me to exercise harder than I ever thought I could and I’m doing so much more than I thought was possible. When I was frustrated and sore during my first camp, you talked me out of quitting. Now, at my fourth camp, I’m able to run a mile without walking and I’ve lowered my blood pressure enough that I’m completely off all medications. Quite an accomplishment for an overweight 48-year old couch potato!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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