Tammy Kaatz


Tammy Kaatz, your Boot Camp Instructor:

Tammy Kaatz

And Griffy: Honorary Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp Instructor Assistant

Hi Everyone, my name is Griffy, Grif, or Griffin. I am a Brussels Griffon. My mom says that I  am the Official Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp Mascot.

Tammy Kaatz began this journey as the President of Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp, Inc. in 2003.

She is from North Dakota, a U.S. Navy Veteran and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Here are just some of here Certifications:


  • Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Metabolic Effect Outdoor FitnessTrainer
  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1 and Precision Nutrition Master Class Certified- PN2
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Also a Certified Food Psychology Coach
  • She is a graduate of the SWIHA Life Coaching program and a Health Coach
  • Degree in Occupational Therapy


Tammy also has multiple other supportive fitness/life certifications:

She describes her style her own and doesn’t like to follow on others coat tails.

“My boot camp style has some spicy sass in it to keep things hoppin, happin and fun”, she says.


She goes on to say:”As you can see some of my certifications are not what you would say the “norm” for a group trainer/personal trainer “. “I am all about improving my life to make it the best I can be, and to share that with my clients what I think are the missing links with fitness, wt. loss and overall wellness, inside and out!”

Tammy combines all her passions and brings it full throttle to people who have the desire to change, the desire move up personally and/or professionally, and the desire to be empowered by all life has to offer. Those who wish to get unstuck in life, get moving, get a jumpstart, and get on with a rockin’ fun life adventure are invited to come aboard!

She offers her Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp and Coaching to those ready and willing to be motivated, supported, and have fun during the process! Tammy Push Ups

Tammy (smiling) and shipmate at U.S. Navy Boot Camp Graduation in 1987!

Yes, we did pushups:-) Still doing them!

My Special Guests

Special Guest

My boot camp helpers! Thank you Janelle and Savannah!