Phoenix Boot Camp Program

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What is it?
Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp is a four week program of fitness instruction provided by Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer and NESTA Certified Personal Trainer Tammy Kaatz. Each day, your camp will be one hour in length, motivating and inspiring, and will begin promptly at 5:30 am.

What if I’m not very physically fit?
That’s what we’re here for! NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Adults (18 or older) of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Each day will slightly increase in intensity. Awards are given to those who inspire others and improve the most. Note: 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult, also must cosign the registration paperwork of the minor.

Where is it?
Camps are held at Dreamy Draw Mountain Preserve Park in Phoenix, Arizona (Hwy 51 and Northern). The park provides a great backdrop of beautiful desert views and since we meet early, traffic is lighter than usual – so no excuses! You willl receive detailed directions before camp begins.

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How often will we meet?
Participants will meet every Monday through Friday for one hour during the four-week program. All participants will be expected to arrive on time. Camp starts at 5:30 am. Yep, push ups if you are late! Not a punishment, it’s a reward!

What can I expect to get out of it?
You should make a dramatic improvement in your physical well-being. Camp exercises include programs designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce body fat, and increase stamina. By losing fat and gaining muscle, you’ll lose inches and gain strength – and you‘ll look and feel better. In addition, you’ll meet great people who share your same goals for acquiring a more healthy mind and body. And to top it all off we have a nutrition program that will skyrocket your results. Schedule a nutrition coaching intro consult and we will find the best fit for you.

What is the cost?

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Each four-week boot camp has a registration fee of $325. That’s twenty hours of instruction – which averages out to just $16.25 hour (3,6,12 month recurring payments, offer huge additional savings too) . Personal trainers can typically charge $40 to $120 per hour for their services – this is a great chance to receive motivating fitness instruction by a certified group trainer for just a fraction of the typical cost. Tammy’s training is extensive and you will be getting more than just a workout program.

Do I have to go five days a week?
If you sign up for the five days a week program, well, then yes you do. If you want better results, then yes you do. But we do also offer a four-week program that includes just three days a week (Monday – Wednesday – Friday) for $225. If you begin on the three day program and decide that you’d like to switch to the five day program, we simply prorate the remaining days.

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How many people are in each camp?
The number varies, nationwide boot camp attendance averages between 15 and 40 people.

When does the next camp start?
See our annual Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp calendar…